Guidelines for Students

More than two days leave will be granted only by the principal.

  • No exemption can be granted from compulsory games and other curricular activities except on the written recommendations of a Doctor in the form of a Medical Certificate.
  • No student is permitted to bring any personal equipment for games unless specially asked to do so by the games teacher.
  • Games will be played on the playground under the supervision of the games teacher/Coach/Trainer.
  • Books loaned from the library must be returned within the stipulated time.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to see that the children are made to board the bus and escorted back in the afternoon from their respective bus stops by escorting them personally or by their representatives.
  • Students are supposed to sit on the seats allotted to them.
  • The bus route laid down by the School authorities shall be strictly followed by one and all.
  • Well maintained nails, neatly-combed hair and smart appearance is expected from all the students
  • All boys must maintain a short hair cut.
  • Girls having short hair must wear a black hair band and keep their hair pinned back from the forehead
  • Girls are not allowed to apply nail polish or henna (Mehendi)
  • The uniform must be properly washed and ironed.
  • Students must carry a clean handkerchief.